Creating Your Own Bongs In The Glass Blowing Studio

The bong you create on your own in the glass blowing studio will be an expression of your personal style, and the bong will become a lovely decoration for the interior of your home. Everyone who wants to work with blown glass may learn to create their own bong, and the bong may be used to smoke tobacco any time you like. This article explains how you may create your own bong in a glass blowing studio.

#1: The Bong Must Be The Proper Size

A bong must be the proper size for your purposes, and you should carefully consider how much glass is needed. A small bong will serve you alone in your home, but a much larger bong may contain multiple arms for your guests. The bong must get taller every time you invite a new person to use it, and you may continue to stretch the bong until you are happy with its size.

#2: A Unique Shape

The bong may take on a shape that you are most pleased with, and you may adjust that design as you build the bong. A bong that was made just for decoration could be quite avant garde, and a bong that you intend to use for tobacco may be more traditional in style.

The bong you create in the glass blowing study will help you smoke tobacco or decorate your home in any way you like. You will quickly create a beautiful item to use in your home, and you will have a new place to smoke your tobacco.