Painting And Coloring Your Bong

The work you do in the glass blowing studio will include painting and coloring of your bong. You must ensure that you are painting and coloring the bong according to the principles of the glass blowing trade, and you may continue to add colors as you work. This article explains how color may be added to your bong to create the best design possible.

#1: Add Your Favorite Color

You must begin by adding your favorite color to the bong first. There are many light colors that will work perfectly when you are blowing the glass, but you must be prepared to add quite a bit of the color as the glass melts. The color will be diluted slightly by the heat, and you must keep adding color until you are pleased.

#2: Draw Your Shapes
You may begin to draw shapes on the bong when you are using color, and you must carefully create the shapes while the glass is off the heat. You cannot score the glass when it is too hot, and the color will stick to the glass as the glass cools.

Your new bong will be the perfect color and shape for your home when applying these steps. The finished product will be a beautiful addition to your home.